Monday, February 4, 2013

You Can Still Wear that Jacket

In the midst of an economic downturn and talking heads spouting platitudes and continued warnings of  economic armageddon, we continue on.  Most of us must continue living our lives in spite of dire predictions.  Some of us have decided that the accumulation of "stuff" that existed in the '90s is not a sustainable habit and restraint is in order.  So how does fashion fit into this?

We are inundated by fashion in our society.  Magazines tout beautiful and powerful men and women wearing, and in turn creating, the latest fashion trend.  In looking at these trends over time, it becomes more and more obvious that men's fashion does not have the chameleon-like life cycle of women's fashion.   Men's fashion tends to change at a much slower pace and is accepted by the masses of men at a slower velocity than women's acceptance of fashion trends.  While this does bring up sociological and biological differences between men and women, that discussion can be had at another time and place.

The point is that men are able to select pieces of clothing that will stay in style for much longer periods of time than women are able to.   Take the tuxedo jacket as an example.  There are still mainly three lapel styles-peak, shawl and notch.  The tuxedo jacket was invented during the Victorian era, in the late 1800's, and at that time was considered informal.  The business jacket is today is the uniform of the white-collar worker and the tried and true for men in semi-formal and more formal situations today.   If you purchase one of these you'll probably be able to get a decade of wear out of it, if you stay with a basic color like black or blue.  Even if you haven't tried on that jacket in the last 5 years, chances are it's still in fashion.  Dressing it down, or up, comes to a matter of what you wear under the jacket, whether it's a t-shirt or a dress shirt and tie.  So guys if you're going to buy a suit, buy one that will take the wear and tear of a decade.  You'll probably still be able to wear it then.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Avast Ye Mateys!

We've added pirate wear, as well as a selection of renaissance and medieval wear for both men and women to our inventory, with some steampunk mixed in.

These aren't your average costumes.  This is clothing.  If you get a chance come up and check it out.  You never know you may find some pirates lurking about.  BTW,  that's a picture of Mitch.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Choosing Your Tuxedo

With the plethora of choices available; it's easy to understand how confusion can set in when choosing the perfect tuxedo for your occasion. This blog entry will attempt to show you how.

The first thing to consider when you are choosing a tuxedo is the tuxedo color. Traditional black is always fitting for any formal occasion. Lighter colors tend to be used for daytime occasions that are slightly less formal. Today, the color of the tuxedo tends to relate the "vibe" of the occasion.

After you've chosen your tuxedo color, look at the type of lapel that it has. Lapels come in shawl, peak and notch style, although today there are variations of these basics.

Tuxedo jackets come in a multitude of styles. Your color choice and lapel choice should have eliminated several of them. Tails or no-tails would be your next decision. After that, you should choose a style that you feel comfortable in.

Tuxedo shirts come next. Nowadays shirts can come in a multitude of colors. White, off-white and black are most common. The most common collar styles are the traditional wing collar and the lay down collar which looks like a regular dress shirt collar.

Your neckwear and vest style and color are next. Many times brides tend to want the vest and tie color to match bridesmaids dresses or a chosen color accent. The following are more common styles of neckwear. The bow-tie is probably most familiar and the most formal. The ascot is traditionally worn during daytime events and is an older style. The windsor tie looks like a business tie. The bolo has a more "western" feel and is normally worn with western style tuxedos.

Finally there are shoes. Today, shoes tend to match the tuxedo in color, but most are black. You can buy or rent these at your local tuxedo rental/sales business.

An alternative way to choose a tux is to go to a site like Jim's Formalwear "Build A Tux".  There you can choose from available styles and colors.  A word of caution.  Sometimes colors are not exactly as seen on the website due to monitor color variations.  Also textures are not as clear on the web.

I would suggest you use sites like this as a starting point and then personally visit your tuxedo shop and make your final decision there.  A knowledgeable tuxedo shop will be willing to answer your questions in depth and help you make more confident decisions.

That's the process in a nutshell. Generally, your date or your bride will have an idea as to her suitable colors. Your job consists of finding a style that you are most comfortable with.

Happy tux hunting!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11.... A day to Remember!

Hello everyone......its been awhile. Hope everyone is doing fine. Well today is a day of remembrance. Nine years ago today is a day all of us will always remember.It is hard to believe it has been 9 years. My son was only 3 (in preschool) and my daughter was not even born yet.Now he is 12 ( and I am so proud of him), also, Daddy's little girl is sooooo precious to me! They are the the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what can I say about Re Re. The love of my life. Life would not be happy anymore. She has brought such joy into my life. I do not show her enough that I Love her Very Much. (She still gives me goose bumps.)
Today is an important day,but then again ,everyday is an important day.We should always be thankful for the people in our lives and always remember. Remember not just what happened on that awful day in September,but also always remember your family and why they are so special to us. Be Good and Take Care.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Time seems to be flying by so quickly and I find that the summer season is half over. What seemed to be a controversial event-the construction of new sidewalks on the Public Square is now a memory. In retrospect, I think that much of the construction "panic" was overblown. Such things pass and the result is that the downtown looks better, is more pedestrian friendly and it's beauty is enhanced and because of this, I think value has been added. There has certainly been a change. A change for the positive.

Change can be a hard pill to swallow. You can need it, but you can fear it. Our country, our state our cities and ultimately we as individuals have been faced with figuring out exactly what change can mean. Blame has been thrown at those who create change. We've been told that the change that's happening is the wrong kind of change. There are those who have said we haven't changed enough. We fight change and embrace it at the same time. We crave it, yet admonish it. Change is always with us. Perhaps it is just that this time it's been the amount and frequency that have lately set some of us off balance. Being the prolific creatures we humans are; I'm sure we'll survive it and hopefully be better for it.

So now, I wait for local median construction, road repaving AND the change that it will bring.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Pollyanna's Hope

It seems to me, and perhaps I am incorrect, that it has been a very wet June so far. Today, the sun shines brightly, but my gratefulness gives way to a mixed bag of anticipation marked by worry and a touch of trepidation.

In spite of the newly constructed sidewalks and the beauty of the day, I still worry about the future. The welcomed investment in the Downtown community is still shadowed by a county unemployment rate of 11.5% and a somewhat questionable economy, resulting in many disgruntled citizens searching and hypothesizing for an answer.

Business could be better-not just for Mitchell's, but for countless other small businesses in Downtown, the state and the country. As times goes on, it seems that just being able to somehow "surf" and survive this economic tidal wave has become the goal. How does one judge when the "wave" has subsided and we have landed safely on terra firma? What are the sign posts?

I am not in the business of economic prognostication. Perhaps it is just the "Pollyanna" in me, but I believe that Downtown Angola is poised on the cusp of a renaissance, but it will be up to the private sector to decide how it all turns out. Sidewalks are just the beginning. It will take hearts and minds to finish the task.

I have met many dedicated, unsung heroes in the downtown area-pushing and striving to make this a better place not just for them, but for our entire community. Some you may have heard of, most probably not. They are business owners, employees, volunteers, friends and neighbors. They dream, they plan and they do. Advancement just doesn't happen, it is coordinated, planned and executed by dedicated individuals who even through adversity, get back to the mission at hand and attempt to "ride the wave".

Our downtown is not just buildings of brick and mortar, but the hearts and souls and the backs of hard working small business owners and those who support them. There are faces and stories behind the new concrete and brick sidewalks. People who believe and dream of a better future and work to make it happen. My hope is that these dreams become reality.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Break and a Wish

For the first time in a few years, Mitch is going on vacation. I'm excited, but a little nervous. Things always seem to "pop-up" when he's away. Fortunately, Mitch has left the store in more than capable hands and I thank our family members for their work. It is truly the gift of time that they give him. Time for himself. Time for his family. That is precious.

I'm not sure that it is always understood-the type of dedication he has for his business. Times have been a bit tough lately as they have been for so many. The economy. Construction. Morale can be low sometimes, but we do consider ourselves lucky. Mitchell's is still here. The family is intact. We live in a great town and a great country.

I send this wish out to Mitch. I hope you have a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy your break and take advantage of all it can give you. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your family.