Friday, July 16, 2010


Time seems to be flying by so quickly and I find that the summer season is half over. What seemed to be a controversial event-the construction of new sidewalks on the Public Square is now a memory. In retrospect, I think that much of the construction "panic" was overblown. Such things pass and the result is that the downtown looks better, is more pedestrian friendly and it's beauty is enhanced and because of this, I think value has been added. There has certainly been a change. A change for the positive.

Change can be a hard pill to swallow. You can need it, but you can fear it. Our country, our state our cities and ultimately we as individuals have been faced with figuring out exactly what change can mean. Blame has been thrown at those who create change. We've been told that the change that's happening is the wrong kind of change. There are those who have said we haven't changed enough. We fight change and embrace it at the same time. We crave it, yet admonish it. Change is always with us. Perhaps it is just that this time it's been the amount and frequency that have lately set some of us off balance. Being the prolific creatures we humans are; I'm sure we'll survive it and hopefully be better for it.

So now, I wait for local median construction, road repaving AND the change that it will bring.