Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flag Pole Holes & Such

You may have noticed the sidewalk demolition going on in the northeast quadrant of our Public Square. While this may seem somewhat intimidating, I just want to remind everyone that business is still being conducted. In spite of the inconvenience, I am excited about the prospect of new sidewalks.

Have you noticed Mitchell's Clothing & Tuxedos has a large flag placed in the sidewalk? While we bid a sad farewell to the continued use of that particular flag, I am reminded that this new construction is something that has been awaited for over 3 decades. The flag pole sidewalk hole that we place our flag in has existed for as long as Mitch can remember. For reference, Mitch has worked in the downtown since he was 17 years old. He is now well over 40. He tells me Downtown businesses used to display these large flags around the Public Square. The fact that many of these flag pole sidewalk holes still exist is seen to me as a reminder that new sidewalks are well overdue. The opportunities to trip and fall on the sidewalks on the Public Square should be mitigated with the introduction of these brand new walkways.

So while I am somewhat anxious about the demolition and construction, my uneasiness is diminished by the positive anticipation of new and improved sidewalks and a safer environment for pedestrian traffic.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PROM FAIR and Event In the Public Square

Just wanted to tell you all about a couple of events happening in Downtown Angola. I blogged recently about the upcoming PROM FAIR. It's coming up in a couple of weeks and we are anxious to see how turn out will be. We are excited that we are able to do such an event.

This is NOT a fashion show. I just want to make that clear. I know there have been a few recently. The object of this fair is to fit young men for their prom tuxes as well as showcase some local business that can help make prom special. We'll will be giving away a free tuxedo (up to $95) to some lucky young man that night. As far as food goes, it looks like we are having herbed chicken wings with ranch and bbq sauce on the side, pretzels and punch. Remember Cahoots is also open for business so you can grab a cup of coffee or a soda if you prefer. They have some great sandwiches as well.

May 1st is prom day for Angola, Fremont and Hamilton this year. Downtown Angola is having a photo opportunity for these schools plus Prarie Heights. Prom courts from those schools are invited to have their pictures taken on the civil war monument grounds. They can then have their pictures taken with the rest of their school's prom attendees in front of the courthouse. In case of inclement weather, the event will be canceled.

Downtown Angola will be going through some changes this spring and summer. I'm looking forward to the outcome. New sidewalks and medians. It should be beautiful when it's finished. Hopefully most of you out there will not be hindered by the construction effort. Our businesses will be open during that time and we invite you to come see the construction and also shop while you're here in the downtown area.